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Performing Arts

At Pimpama State Secondary College creativity is essential for building 21st Century Learners.  Creative thinkers can imagine, question and take risks all while being Independent inquirers and reflective learners exploring, evaluating, challenging, sharing their learning and seeking feedback to enhance their learning.

With this in mind the Performing Arts Department value the importance of fostering a student’s creativity through creating and performance processes.  The Performing Arts Department’s vision is to provide excellence in performance, technique and skills, and teaching and learning within the arts, stressing the importance of discipline, practice, persistence and self-evaluation.

We are committed to encouraging and fostering every student’s artistic ‘voice’.  The opportunity to learn cooperatively and creatively with an ensemble is a critical aspect of a student’s Arts education, but also in their other academic subjects.  The Performing Arts Department is committed to playing a central role in the intellectual and social life of Pimpama State Secondary College, as well as guiding students to apply what they have experienced and learned through the arts to other aspects of their lives.


Even though we are a young school we have a wide range of extra-curricular groups and programs on offer in Dance, Drama and Music.  The Performing Arts Department is committed to offering challenging extra-curricular programs and highest standards of performance.

In addition to their timetabled class time students of the Aspiring Performers Program participate in the College’s REACH Program.

REACH Program

The program is designed to challenge, develop and extend the technical and performance skills of the Aspiring Performers Program students in Dance, Drama and Music.  Students will be provided with the exciting opportunity to participate in 8 half-day workshops, at the College’s brand new Performing Arts facilities, conducted by the College’s knowledgeable staff and industry professionals.  The Aspiring Performers Program students will work collaboratively with auditioned Year 6 students from our feeder primary schools within their chosen major: Dance, Drama or Music (students can only participate in one program). 


Upon completion of the program students will be provided with the opportunity to showcase their development in a culminating public performance.  Dancers perform on the Gold Coast Arts Centre stage in the annual Dance Ed in the Spotlight performance for all Gold Coast schools.  Where as the Drama and Music students present their production and performance in an evening performance at the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE (Coomera Creative Campus)


Students interested in applying for the REACH Program download the revelant information below

Dance REACH Program (PDF, 265KB)

Drama REACH Program (PDF, 254KB)

Music REACH Program (PDF, 214KB)

Extra-Curricular Groups

Through the study of the Performing Arts, students are provided with real-life experiences, which develop self-confidence, self-discipline and social skills.  The Instrumental Music Program and Extra-curricular groups strive to extend students’ abilities by working in collaboration with other like-minded students to develop their technical and performance skills.


The Performing Arts Department at Pimpama State Secondary College offers the following programs/groups:

Dance Troupe

The Pimpama State Secondary College Dance Troupe is a performance dance group who represent the College in competitions and other community events.  The Dance Troupe provides students with identified dance talent opportunities to develop their technical, expressive and performance skills.  Being involved also helps foster students’ organisational and communication skills whilst providing a platform for self-expression.  It offers a shared sense of camaraderie as students perform repertoire together.  Most importantly, it creates an understanding of how hard work can lead to great accomplishments.


Auditions for Dance Troupe are held at the end of the previous year for existing students and within the first few weeks of the year for new students.  During the first round of auditions students are required to attend a short rehearsal to learn choreography and register for an audition time within the same week.  Successful students will progress to the second round (call backs) where they are to learn and perform choreography within the same rehearsal.


Students interested in applying need to complete a Expression of Interest (PDF, 198KB) and return to the Performing Arts Head of Department Michael Barker Hicks


Students will be selected based on their technical ability, dynamic qualities and stage presence.  Successful students will be notified via the Performing Arts Noticed board in the L Block foyer.  

Glee Club

Glee Club is a performance choral group who represent the College in competitions and other community events. As the hit TV show promotes, Glee Club is a mixed-vocal ensemble, which incorporates both singing and dancing to create small production numbers for stage.  Within the ensemble, students will be given the opportunity to perform featured trios, duos and even solos. As well as learning and performing relevant repertoire students will engage in vocal technique activities to develop their posture, breath control, range, power, intonation and sound quality.


There are no prerequisites for entry into the Glee Club.  Students can register their interest through their music teacher.  While no audition is required to participate in Glee Club, informal auditions are held during rehearsals for students wishing to perform solos, duos or trios within selected repertoire throughout the year.


Students will be selected based on their technical ability, projection and suitable tone quality for the piece.  Successful students will be notified in rehearsals.

Students interested in applying need to complete a Expression of Interest (PDF, 199KB)and return to the Performing Arts Head of Department Michael Barker Hicks

Theatre Company

Theatre Company is a group dedicated to the development and presentation of Drama performances in the community. Theatre Company allows students opportunities to work both individually and as part of an ensemble to develop their skills, not only as an actor, but as a director, designer, creator and playwright.  In Theatre Company students will focus on differing styles of theatre to develop their expertise. Students will chose a focus, either improvisation skills or performance skills, and develop their knowledge.  Theatre Company allows students a platform for self-expression, allowing them opportunities to tell their stories, develop their interests and communicate their beliefs while also enhancing their performance skills.


Auditions for Theatre Company are held at the beginning of each year. Students are required to prepare a short dramatic reading demonstrating their abilities as an actor.

Students will be selected based on their comprehension of the work, use of characterisation (voice, movement), and ability to take direction.  Successful students will be notified via the Performing Arts Noticed board in the L Block foyer.    

Students interested in applying need to complete a Expression of Interest (PDF, 193KB)and return to the Performing Arts Head of Department Michael Barker Hicks

Instrumental Music

The Instrumental Music Program provides students with opportunities to develop their performance skills as a soloist and within an ensemble. Lessons are taught weekly using the latest in interactive music software providing students with instant feedback during lessons and at home while practicing.


Although there are no prerequisites for joining the Instrumental Music Program, it is recommended that students have studied an instrument previously at school or privately.  Lessons are organized according to ability level ensuring students skills are fostered and extended where necessary.  This provides scope for beginning students to progress at the appropriate rate.


Performances and workshops are scheduled throughout the school year to extend and challenge students’ technique and performance skills.  Instrumental music also helps develop students’ organisational skills and provides a platform for self-expression along with communication skills and a shared sense of camaraderie as students perform repertoire together that is meaningful to them.


Students interested in applying need to complete a Expression of Interest (PDF, 193KB)​and return to the Performing Arts Head of Department Michael Barker Hicks​


Students can choose from a range of instruments and are encouraged to learn multiple instruments.

​​Tuition is available for all Woodwind, Brass, Percussion and Orchestral String instruments. Tuition is not available for guitar, piano or keyboard through the instrumental music program, however we do encourage students who learn these instruments to take part in

Performing Arts Camp

At the beginning of the year all Performing Arts Extra-curricular students will attend a 3 day Performing Arts Camp at Mt Tambourine QCCC Camp site.  The camp helps facilitate a relaxed social setting for students to build positive, collaborative and cooperative relationships with staff and fellow ensemble members, ensuring an uplifting environment where students can flourish.  Students will achieve this by participating in intensive workshops over the 3 days designed to further the progress of the individual students and in turn the groups progress towards excellence in performances and competitions.

Arts Fusion

Arts Fusion is a two day music workshop designed to provide Pimpama State Secondary College and neighbouring primary school instrumental and vocal students, with an opportunity to develop their ensemble skills, extend their musicianship, as well as experience the excitement of performing in a large ensemble group. The students also engage with and are exposed to a variety of performing arts activities, presentations and performances to expand their engagement within the Arts.

The program is intended for advanced primary school instrumental students in Grades 5 & 6, who can (where possible):

1.    Instrumental - Read music and perform at a curriculum level 2

2.    Vocalists – Enjoy singing and can match pitch


The two days of workshops culminate in a concert, graciously hosted by the Gold Coast Institute of TAFE – Coomera Campus where the students can experience performing in The Black Box Theatre with professional standard sound and lighting.

Performing Arts Gala

The Inaugral Performing Arts Gala will be held at the end of the year as a celebration of the talents and achievements of the Performing Arts Extra-curricular Groups.  More information will become available closer to the date.

​ ​​​