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Student leadership

Leadership is action, not position. It is the challenge to be something more than average.
Our leadership structure is quite different from the traditional structure in many schools and will provide far greater opportunities for more students to become involved in leadership activities.
Opportunities exist for students to take one of three leadership roles from each class to be a member of one of the following teams. Talk to your child about taking up a student leadership position.

The College Teams

Spirit Team
Conduct various fundraising/community activities, actively promote school values
Building positive relationships with community – volunteer program (nursing home, day care centre)
Parent involvement – sports events, activities/performances at P/T interviews, etc
Example culminating events – Community Day, school newspaper, movie nights
Well-being Team
Organisation of social lunch-time sporting activities, assistance with school sporting events/carnivals
Facilitate healthy eating events/program (Lunchbox project)
Conflict resolution/mentoring
Mindfulness/relaxation activities
Example culminating events – Health Expo, Mini-Olympics, motivational speaker address
Culture Team
Organisation and facilitation of arts/academic-based lunchtime activities
Steering student-directed Clubs (eg; Chess Club, Drama Club, Thinking Skills Club, Reading/Writing Club, etc)
Example culminating events – Theatre sports competition, “Who Wants to be a Millionaire?” Competition, Dance/musical performance

The different student roles

Class representatives - Elected position: Home room groups
Identify and raise your class' concerns and ideas, run lunchtime and after school activities/fundraisers, speak on year level assemblies, represent school at community events, actively promote the school rules
Club leaders - negotiated by council
Organise research/surveys to work out what activities would interest students, organise any required resources, venues, schedule/draw for club activities, oversee club sessions.
Team leaders - elected position: Team group
Conduct team meetings, promote team events/initiatives, promote school rules, identify areas of need to work on, oversee team function (achievement of goals), oversee club operations.