Student Resources

The Principal and Parents and Citizens Association of Pimpama State Secondary College are proud to extend to you the opportunity to take advantage of the Student Resource Scheme.
The Student Resource Scheme is a cost effective option for parents to purchase the required items for their child’s schooling through reduced prices gained from the school’s bulk purchasing arrangements. The scheme will supply students with access to:
  • Student Identification Card
  • Textbooks for each subject
  • Class sets of general reading books including prescribed novels
  • Administration of the scheme
  • Equipment hire – digital cameras (still/video), audio visual equipment, a wide range of industry standard software
  • Use of equipment, consumable materials and photocopies for a range of subjects across all year levels
  • A personal printing and photocopying allowance of 100 pages
  • Printed worksheets/handouts/notes and equipment prepared by teachers
  • Audio and video recordings
  • Materials for subjects where the instruction is extended through providing practical learning experiences in excess of materials provided by school grants
  • Software site licenses for school and home use
The following items are NOT covered by the Student Resource Scheme:
  • College activities, such as excursions, camps and formals. Individual payments can be made for these activities as they occur.
  • College Photos
  • Elective Subject Levy and Excellence Program Levy
  • Stationery
Some elective subjects and Academy Programs will incur an additional levy that is not covered by the Student Resource Scheme.
These levies are in addition to the Government Textbook Allowance.


As per the College’s Finance Policy, should your account fall into arrears, students may not be permitted to attend extracurricular activities such as excursions, camps and school formal. Access to the BYOD and College Laptop Program may also be restricted. Parents/Guardians will be notified should their account fall into arrears. If after appropriate notification payment is not received, the matter will be sent to The Department of Education Debt Recovery Agency.


Parents/Guardians who do not wish to participate in the scheme should inform the finance office. Parents/Guardians not participating in the scheme will be expected to source and provide all the necessary textbooks, equipment and materials to fully participate in the program of learning.
Please refer to the Year level Resource List for items required to purchase.
The Department of Education Policy Register states:
A Parent is directly responsible for providing the student with textbooks and other resources for a student’s use while attending school.

Student Resource Schemes

The Student Resource Schemes are provided for the families of Pimpama State Secondary College students to help offset the costs of providing the resources and tools necessary for participation in the curriculum at our college.

The two schemes consist of:

1. Student Text & Resources Scheme: The cost of text books and additional resources has always been the responsibility of parents and students. Schools are authorised under Chapter 3. Section 51, Education (General Provisions) Act 2006 to charge fees for a range of services.

The scheme’s major purpose is to provide an extremely cost effective and efficient strategy to parents and students which:
  • Reduces the heavy financial outlay for parents in providing a wide variety of student resources
  • Eliminates shopping for textbooks and resources
  • Gives student access to a wide range of up-to-date resources
  • Supplements consumable resources which are used to ensure real life learning experiences for our students
  • Assists in maintaining a high level of technology across the college learning environment
  • Accommodates a range of school based workplace programs to enhance student skill development

2. Student Resource Scheme 1 to 1 Learning Program: Pimpama State Secondary College is pleased to offer families the opportunity to participate in our Take Home Laptop Scheme

The Take Home Laptop Program will provide even more opportunities for students to engage in relevant and inspiring learning experiences and continue as a school community to explore new approaches to schooling that ensures we are in step with the interests and imperatives of our young people. As a school we also must ensure that we explore ways to continually improve what and how we do things.

Last reviewed 25 November 2019
Last updated 25 November 2019