Year 10 SET Plan


The Queensland Certificate of Education (QCE) is Queensland's senior schooling qualification. A requirement of this qualification is that students complete a Senior Education and Training Plan (SET Plan). In Year 10, we work with students and parents/carers to develop a SET Plan.  The SET Plan helps students structure their learning around their abilities, interests and ambitions and outlines the individual student’s aspirations and desired learning pathway. In the SET Plan, students identify whether they will pursue a technical (TAFE, apprenticeship, employment) or a tertiary (university) pathway during or after high school.

Throughout Year 10, students are provided with opportunities to explore their options, through the Pathways program. As part of the planning process, students think about their future, consider their abilities and investigate their options for careers and further education.

To assist with these decisions, in the Pathways program, students will commence the SET Planning unit, and will investigate and learn more about the options available and making some steps towards completing a draft SET Plan. Should parents wish to see the progress of the students’ SET Planning or start these important discussions, students and parents can view their draft SET Plans at home via the internet. Students can access this by clicking on the OneSchool link on their laptops.  They will be then asked for their school log in and password. This link takes students to the OneSchool website. Students can then click on the 'My Education Plan' tab to edit or view their SET plan.

Furthermore, a Subject Selection Evening will be held each year, (on Wednesday 30 May in 2018). This evening is crucial for students and parents to gain further insight into the requirements of the SET Plan and the implications of the (new) QCE. It provides an opportunity for students to explore subject requirements for their senior subject choices, aligned with their pathway choices. 

SET Plan interviews will be held at the school in Term 2, (on Wednesday 13 June in 2018), after students have completed their SET Plan. SET Plan interviews involve a representative of the school, Year 10 Parents/Guardia and the student. During these interviews students will further develop their SET Plan.

SET Plans are reviewed at various stages throughout Years 11 and 12 to make sure subjects and learning are right for individual students, and to ensure pathways are aligned to the courses and careers students want after Year 12.

Further information can be accessed from the following sources: 

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Last reviewed 25 February 2021
Last updated 25 February 2021